The Top 5 Birds of Arkansas PART 1

Here at Arkansas To Do Headquarters – Lake Conway – we see a lot of wildlife that some Arkansans simply don’t get to see. Our home is actually a certified wildlife habitat. We’re not bragging, we’re just a bit privileged. We have several feeders that bring many types of songbirds to the yard. We’d like to share with you “Part 1” of what we see and how to help you draw those birds to your backyard. IT’S EASIER THAN YOU THINK!

First off, you have to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The birds won’t know you’re there for a bit. However, birds notice other birds feeding. So, all it takes is a few and they will multiply.

To start with just Google some decent feeders. You can find good deals in the winter time at big box stores like Lowe’s. We have one of these and our birds love it Our favorite feed is Member’s Mark Premium. (Heyyooooo Sam’s Club) It’s a blend with all kinds of stuff. Black oil sunflower seeds work very well, but we’ve managed to get more birds with the blend. Different areas may see different results. HEY ALL YOU CITY MOUSES – they have bird feeders that stick to your windows, so get on it!

OK, so you’ve got your feed and feeder out. In my opinion, a few spaced out around your yard is best to start. These are what we typically see, starting with the top 5.


Always the first to the feeder and quite obvious. Also we are MAJOR St. Louis Cardinal fans so we considered it good luck when we see them.

House Finches

House finches are tiny little guys. The males have a red/purple chest. They use to be a songbird for cages until a law came into place forcing pet store owners to simply release them or be fined. Well, they have flourished and are always in our yard

Mourning Doves

You’ll see them below your feeders. They are typically ground feeders and come in groups, but almost always in pairs. They’re pretty and kind of sound like an owl.

Tufted Titmouse

This one has great hair. I mean just look at him.

Carolina Chickadee

Ah the well-dressed Carolina Chickadee. He’s handsome and a welcomed addition to all the songbirds. If you see him, the Titmouse isn’t far behind.

Something to mention, birdseed isn’t just loved by birds. You’ll see more squirrels and maybe a chipmunk or two trying to stuff their cheeks. We’ve literally seen squirrels do the most acrobatic maneuvers to get to the feeders. To us, they’re not that much a hindrance, we like the fat fats.

Get those feeders out and you won’t have to leave your yard for entertainment. They’re all a little different, much like us. Get your camera out and a six pack or some mimosas and make a morning or evening of it.

Get out an EXPLORE and y’all have at it!

The Arkansas To Do Team

– Phil and Jess

2 thoughts on “The Top 5 Birds of Arkansas PART 1

  1. Phil and Jess …
    Beautiful photos and enjoyed the reads, so far .. and I do plan to explore your site further. However, the bird of which you’ve indentified as the Black-capped Chickadee .. is incorrect!
    The Black-capped Chickadee is a year-round resident of the northern half of Missouri and those points further north in the USofA and into Canada.
    The Chickadee that resides year-round in the southern half of Missouri and further south (including the state of Arkansas) is the Carolina Chickadee!
    Please, I urge you to see the book ‘The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America’, as well as the All About Birds, Audubon Society and other websites that validate this information.

    1. Oh my! Thank you for a) correcting us in a good manner. You have no idea how people wait to pounce on you if you make an error. We make them, but try to be as accurate as possible. B) we’ll get this updated! Thanks for keeping us updated! It’ll take minute, but we will have it corrected by the end of the day.

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