The Ozark Castle

Almost to the Missouri line, in one of our favorite towns, just outside of “little Switzerland” sets a castle. A castle that’s really not a castle. But, it’s kind of a castle. Let’s face it, Arkansas has a way of making something out of nothing and calling it something that it’s not. Well, this is one of those times. However, like many things in this great state, you just go with it…


Find your way to Eureka Springs. And there you’ll find Quigley’s Castle. This unique dwelling is made of all Arkansas earth in a way like no other. We’ve read the story, so let us give you our take.

One day, a lady named Elise Quigley and her children tore down their three bedroom house while her husband was as work. I’m not kidding you. They literally moved all their belongings into the chicken shack. Her husband, Albert, nicknamed Bud, came home from work and said “ cool, honey, what kind of house do you want?”

Elise had a plan and went to work they did. Using timber off their land and about $2000 in cash ($24K in today’s money) for materials and started building her dream house. She wanted over 20 windows, which was impossible at the time due to the war. So they simply used what they had for 3 years to cover the openings. Elise had also been collecting native rocks from riverbeds, arrowheads, and other unique pieces of earth. They used these for the outside of the home.. Inside they left space for plants to grow out of the ground. To this day they have tropical plants that grow all the way to the second floor ceiling. It must be true love, can you imagine? Elise also has a pretty impressive “butterfly wall” that’s unlike anything else on the planet.

Sadly both Bud and Elise have passed. But their grandchildren keep Quigley’s Castle open for tours and is a popular destination for tourists in the amazing town of Eureka Springs.

So go check out Eureka and while you’re there, Quigley’s Castle.

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