The Lazy Waterfall Hunter – Part 1

Hey, let’s face it, not all of us are in great shape. ‘Merica, right? Land of wholesale bulk pop tarts and Golden Corral. Well, we at Arkansas To Do want to share with you the best waterfalls in the state that take the least effort to get to.

#1 – Mirror Lake Falls
Man, are we fans of Mountain View/Fifty-Six. That’s where you’ll find mirror lake falls. This gem was made by damming mirror lake, which is fed by Blanchard Springs. Go see the caves while you’re at it… ( Google the directions, very easy to get to. Just wind your way through the park to get there, and walk right up.


#2 – Bridal Veil Falls
Heber Springs. Paying attention? Seems like every place that’s cool has a spring attached to it in Arkansas. Google the trial head. Very easy to get to, You can walk 1/16 of a mile at best, to the wooden platform that overlooks the falls. If you’ve got it in you, walk down do the bottom. Excellent photo opportunity and a tall, beautiful waterfall with good volume.

Bridal Veil Falls

#3 – Car Wash Falls
You simply drive underneath this fall! That’s right! You really don’t need an off road vehicle, but a truck or SUV will be more than adequate to get you there and back. Though, we’ve seen Honda Civics make the trip. But we prefer our trusty Jeep Cherokee. She’s an oldie, but a goody. Just Google the location and follow the road. Best to got after a rain… You’re in the Ozarks. See a mom and pop place if you can, you never know what you’ll find.

Car Wash Falls

As with most falls in Arkansas, they are rain dependent. Go after the rain, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Get out and EXPLORE!

Y’all have at it!

Phil and Jess
The Arkansas To Do Team

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