An easy drive and ZERO hike combined with a swimming hole make Falling Water Falls a summertime treat for a fantastic and cheap family outing. Bring the dog if you’d like.

This waterfall can be enjoyed year-round, but it’s kind of like going out for ice cream on a hot summer day if there’s been enough rain – refreshing. Take the drive into Pelsor and follow along Upper Falling Water Road. The drive is gorgeous. It’s super easy to get to, simply Google and GPS. Once you’ve arrived, you’ve arrived. Seriously get out of your vehicle and walk right up to it.


Swimmin’ Hole Ozark Style…

We hope you brought your swim gear. There’s a gorgeous blue/green/teal classic Ozark swimming hole at the bottom of the falls. You could spend all day here…

The road contours with Falling Water Creek. The creek is full of drop offs and cascades. So, if you have the time to hike it and are sure-footed, this could be an all day adventure.

Pack a lunch, hell make a picnic out of it. You’re in the middle of nowhere and while that’s the point, there are no lunch stops. Also, please pack out what you pack in. Leave no trace. Arkansas is beautiful for a reason. We encourage taking your camera. It’s a great place for a family photo. Go when the leaves begin to change!


You’re smack dab in the middle Arkansas waterfall country. You can drive in any direction and come across a trail that leads to an adventure. We recommend Six Fingers Fall, which is the closest, Twin Falls, and the one-of-a-kind Glory Hole.

Here is our take on the Glory Hole:

Also if you’re looking for easy waterfalls to get to, here’s part 1 of our “Lazy Waterfall Hunter Guide”:

Y’all have at it, and GET OUT AND EXPLORE!

The Arkansas To Do Team
– Phil and Jess

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