The Best Kept Secret Waterfall in North Little Rock

The Best Kept Secret Waterfall in North Little Rock

What if I told you there were several water falls, all in the same viewing area, that were over 100 ft tall and super easy to find and get to, all right in central Arkansas?

My friends, may I direct you to Emerald Park in North Little Rock. This park brings you paved trails, dirt trails, hidden bunkers, gorgeous views of the Arkansas River, and several waterfalls right the backyard of North Little Rock.

Emerald Park Falls -  North Little Rock Waterfall
Emerald Park Falls

This is an easy hike, but the kicker is you need to get off the beaten path just slightly AND you must go the day after a good rain or hours after the rain has stopped. Use the map to guide your way. OH, and great parking. Literally park and get right on the trail!

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After you’ve seen the sights, head over to our friends at Diamond Bear Brewery and wind down. They’re just down the road.


Y’all have at it!

– Phil and Jess, The Arkansas To Do Team

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