The Arkansas Howler

Normally we focus on the things that will get you out of the house and into this great state. If we come across something while we research that’s bizarre, or strange, we read it. Arkansas is full of oddities… and this one of them.


The Fouke Monster, the White River Monster, and even The Lake Conway Skunk Ape – we’ve heard it all. But not the Arkansas Howler. Check this thing out:


Gnarly, right? It’s got some other cool handles like the Hoo-Hoo, the Nightshade Bear, and the Devil Cat. It’s as large as a bear and sounds like something between a wolf, an elk, and a hyena.

Where can you find ole Hoo-Hoo? Where most folklore of Arkansas is born, the Ozarks. The last known sighting was in Devil’s Den State Park. Here are the photos of that sighting:

Hmm… Reminds me a Jack-a-lope. But more like a dog. Most likely a hoax, but much smaller than the legend goes. It’s almost always a blurry photo or something that isn’t quite right, but we’d like to think the legend lives. Folklore is ingrained in the south. Arkansas is no different and that’s part of what makes the Ozarks magical.

GET OUT AN EXPLORE… even if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Maybe it’s looking for you.

The Arkansas To Do Team

Phil and Jess

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