TC’s Midtown Grill: The best dive bar that you probably don’t know about

What, from the outside, looks to be a Mexican restaurant stuck in the back of an old shopping center, inside you’ll see something dramatically different…

TC’s Midtown is the best dive bar that you probably don’t know about. Right off of Oak Street in Conway, this venue is home to a mean burger, great music, and rock n’ roll legends who stare you down (I’m looking at you Lemmy).

TC’s has been open for damn near a decade and is always making improvements. There’s a killer stage, great lighting, and a top notch sound system. This venue is quickly becoming a favorite for the local artists to play. TC’s also boasts the best open mic with a full band in the state. (Third Degree and Fox and Hound are gone people, just let it go). Their music lineup is different each week and you truly never know who will be there. 80’s rock n’ roll to country. Party bands, original artists, and the occasional national act.


This is a local favorite with great drink prices and killer bar food! It might be the only place in town that you can get a Strongbow Cider. Not to mention, it’s the best place in Conway to shoot pool.

TC’s makes you feel like home and I promise if you go a few times you’ll make friends. Be sure to say Sharpe Dunaway’s name three times fast. Just do it. Right to the bartenders face.

So go down to TC’s and check out the great drinks, food, and bands. Places like this are a dying breed in Arkansas. We need more of them. Oh, and gotta be 21 to enter, sorry kids.

Y’all have at it!

Phil and Jess The Arkansas To Do team

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