Spanish Gold In the Ozarks

The Ozarks are home to some of the best folklore in the world. It is a unique place, not only because of the mountains but the people that inhabit them. Combine the two and you’ll get some pretty eye brow raising stories, some that are insanely true, some superstitious, and others that are left up to the imagination and wonderment of “what if.”

Google “Spanish Gold in the Ozarks.” There are what seems to be dozens of stories of buried treasure. All of them stem from the Spanish explorers who were in the area and what they left behind. Believe it or not, treasure hunters have been looking for the Ozark Lotto (I just made that up) for 100’s of years. Caves, rock ledge shelters, haunted forests – you name it and it’s conquistador coin written all over it. One of our favorite stories is the Dover lights. We’ll tell you about that a little closer to the spooky season…

Now, at Arkansas To Do, we try to get you off of your couch and explore. So, if you’re looking for gold in them thar hills, set your GPS to northwest part of the to the town of Sulpher Springs. Here lies a cave that is appropriately named, The Old Spanish Treasure Cave.

Spanish Coin Cave? Sort of…

Gold Digger…

You explore The Old Spanish Coin Cave online at

They have guided tours that take you through an easy walk of the cave with plenty of history and story telling with local Ozark charm. Hidden walls and tunnels are inside the cave, so exploration is currently underway. We don’t want to give away too much, so you’ll just have to go yourself. In addition, they are actually quite accommodating. They offer some very unique opportunities that you can’t find just anywhere…

Movie Night in a cave? They’ve got it. Check their listings for show times. Bucket list item, right? What could be cooler (and it’s literally 58 degrees all year long in the cave) than watching a slasher film inside of a cave on Halloween night? They probably don’t show that type of film, but Old Spanish Treasure Cave, if you’re listening, we’re just throwing that idea out there….

They also offer camping in the cave! If you’ve got a young adventuresome kid, this is going to be right in their wheelhouse. We think this is a great idea! Check with the office for availability.

Ever try your hand at panning for gemstones? Sign yourself up!

Their gift shop is in an historic 150 year old log cabin, fully stocked with all kinds of Ozark goodies.

Tell them we sent ya!

Y’all have at it and GET OUT AND EXPLORE!

The Arkansas To Do Team

Phil and Jess

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