OK, maybe the title is a bit of a stretch, but who knew Arkansas had a mortuary museum? Sure, Arkansas has its tales of the supernatural (check our page in October). However, this one caught us by surprise.

Museum of Death

It’s almost hidden at 108 South Fourth Street in Heber Springs. It isthe oldest existing business in the county, circa 1886, and stands on the National Register of Historic Places. Death and taxes, right?

If Cinderella had a Funeral…

As the centerpiece of the museum, there is a black horse drawn hearse. It is said to be the finest of its kind. The exhibit carries books from the early 1900’s on embalming, early cosmetic kits, and an old school Porti-Boy embalmer that looks somewhat like a giant blender. Read that last sentence again. Heebie Jeebies.

You’ll find sealed metal coffins and an impressive handmade cypress casket that, we assume, someone had constructed but never needed.

There’s more to the museum, but it’s a small snippet into how early funeral homes operated and how they cared for the dead. Truly unique and part of the rich history of people migrating to Arkansas for a better life and opportunity.

We recommend calling them at 501-362-2422 for business hours and admission.

GET OUT AND EXPLORE… you never know what you’ll find. Spooky.

The Arkansas To Do Team

– Phil and Jess

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