Mammoth Springs


Over 9 million gallons per hour, a 10 acre lake, an historical mill, waterfalls, and enough runoff to power one of Arkansas’s best trout streams (the Spring River) that keeps float trips flowing all year long!

Mammoth Springs is Arkansas’s largest spring, and the 3rd largest spring in the Ozarks. Now, I know that may not seem like a big deal, being 3rd , but the volume of water is quite impressive for any spring. It’s just that the Ozarks are a spring producing machine. It ranks 7th in the entire country. 9+ million gallons an hour y’all.

Yeah yeah, a spring.. I know, however, this one feeds the Spring River. The Spring River is our summertime getaway. We canoe as much as we can, and the Spring is always float-able! 100 degree July and August days can be miserable. Dead Man’s Curve, Saddler Falls, and 58 degree water (yep, you read that correctly) can make you forget about that. We really don’t want to get too far into the Spring River because, well.. that’s a whole other article.

Back to Mammoth… There is State Park along with a waterfall/overflow that you can visit. Our state parks are fan-f’ing-tastic! They always have great swag and very knowledgeable attendants. You can rent out some of their spots for family functions or get togethers. You will not be disappointed!

Looking for some good grub and a scenic view? Throw a rock across the road and hit up Riverbend Restaurant. The deck has a stellar view and breakfast is the tits. It’s country, but standard for the area and pretty good, if you ask us.

This area is neat and a great weekend trip. You can get booze on Sunday just across the Missouri line (hey-ooooo), and downtown Hardy is a few miles south. Mammoth Springs doesn’t have the tourism that Hot Springs or Eureka Springs has. But the place is beautiful and the river that comes with it is worth the canoe trip or the trout you’ll catch with just a can of corn.

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