Fuzzybutt Falls Time Lapse

Hello fellow Arkansans and travelers alike.

Our good friend, Jorge Alonso Garcia was recently in the Fuzzybutt and Six Fingers Falls area and sent us this time lapse video. THANKS JORGE!

This whole area is a waterfall hunter and hikers dreams. After a good rain this place comes alive, like Ferngulley… We’ll have some more articles about the area later, we don’t want to blow our load too soon. Some people aren’t as mobile as others, so, this gives a great view of walking up to the fall.

Here’s the video: Note that you may have to scroll down and hit the play icon in the middle of the video to load/play.

If you want explore, find your way to the Mount Pleasant Township… Here’s a link to the best directions: https://btoellner.typepad.com/exploring_nw_arkansas/2015/01/fuzzy-butt-falls-.html


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