Falling Waters Creek – Family Edition

If you’re looking for a perfect family adventure, look no further. We recently loaded up the ole Jeep Cherokee and took our family on a Saturday drive, straight into the Ozarks. We’ve heard of Falling Waters Creek and the well known swimming holes that accompany it, but we had no idea what was in store…

First stop, we accidentally missed our exit at Atkins, but easily rerouted to Russellville. We took Hwy 7 and we’re glad we did. Known as Arkansas’ National Scenic Byway, the views did not disappoint. There is an overlook into a canyon that’s perfect for a photo opportunity that’s along the way.

Second stop was Six Fingers Falls. Easily accessible off County Road 1205. We pulled over and took then small walk-down to the falls. Your grandmother could do this. Six Fingers was well worth the bumpy the drive. You can spend the whole day here and avoid the crowds. There are ledge platforms to walk out onto. The “fingers” of the falls make natural water slides. We brought a cooler and had lunch creekside. Not bad, right?

Six Finger Falls

The entire creek has waterfall after waterfall. You can take the less than 10 minute hike to Fuzzy Butt Falls from Six Fingers. If one wanted to, you could hike the whole creek…

Falling Waters Falls Swim Hole

Next is Falling Water Falls. The volume is good, as well as the people. We suspect the crowd varies, but on this afternoon there were 50 people maximum at any time. Plenty of people were jumping off the waterfall into the punch bowl swimming hole. There’s a rope swing, as well.

I was shocked to see how easy it was to get to the bottom of the falls and the top. People of all ages were there – even a 90+ year old grandmother was there with her grandkids.

Now look at how much fun our boy Pete is having! There are plenty of small splash holes for your little ones to get their feet wet.


It was a much enjoyed trip and first time journey for the whole family. We highly recommend this to anyone looking for a lot of fun without a price tag.

PRO TIP: Bring a cooler and some lawn chairs. There’s plenty of space to set up. Also, get gas before you go. You’re in the middle of nowhere. The county road has some washed out spots, so it can be a little bumpy.

Get out and explore!

The Arkansas To Do Team
– Phil and Jess

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