Cadron Creek: The hidden gem of the Arkansas float world.

Hate driving all the way to the Buffalo River for great water, giant bluffs, waterfalls, and spectacular scenery? I get it. It’s a long trip if you’re just trying to make the day out of it. Let me direct your attention to the magnificent North Fork of the Cadron Creek…


Why is it so awesome? Well, we are so glad you asked.

  1. Proximity. It’s right in the middle of the state, slightly north of Greenbrier. DAYTRIP ANYONE?!
  2. Water Quality. Most of the year it’s clean and has that very familiar turquoise mountain water you see on the Buffalo, Mulberry, and Big Piney rivers.
  3. Rapids. Class II rapids for almost 25 miles of this river. WHAT? Seriously. This is where Cadron excels. Cadron Creek Outfitters (more on these guys below) to the 285 bridge is a great section of rapids!
  4. Camping. I am huge fan of overnight trips on a river. Pack in and pack out. Cadron offers many spots along the way to primitive camp. Most of the land is privately owned. BE RESPECTFUL, please! Seriously please pick up everything you brought in. We don’t want to ruin such an awesome place to enjoy the Natural State.
  5. Waterfalls. Cadron is rain dependent just like anything else in this great state. But waterfalls abound. Literally they fall off the tall bluffs along the riverside as you float by. Keep your ear out and watch for streams coming in the river. This is where you’ll see some hidden falls. There’s two great falls that are easy to walk back to on the short 4 mile trip and the 10 mile trip.
  6. LONG OR SHORT FLOAT? Hey that’s another awesome bonus to this river. You can take the 4 mile run from Cadron Creek Outfitters to the 65 bridge. Or keep going and add 10 miles to your float. Or put in at 65 and take the 285 bridge out. When the water is a little higher (3.0+) you can take the Hartwick Mill Bridge just outside of the orchards in Guy, AR. There is an amazing waterfall on that stretch that can hit you in the face as you float by it. If you can dock before the current takes you it is an excellent photo opportunity. So basically there’s 3 inputs/outputs that you can mix and match your trips to accommodate your time and skill level.
  7. Beer Run. Look, I am all for taking a cooler full and some friends and making a day out of it. Cadron does that. Just enough good rapids to keep it interesting!
  8. Caves, jumping rocks, Illusion Bluff, Sara’s Wave, Rock of Gibraltar, Lunch Box Falls, sandy beaches, and rope swings!
  9. Cell Service. I really hate to be this guy. Listen, I love the outdoors, but I also love being able to find a camping spot and pop open my tablet and watch my beloved St. Louis Cardinals beside the campfire. Priceless. You can typically find pretty decent service all along the river. There are dead spots, yes, but plenty of reception in other spots.
  10. Cadron Creek Outfitters. We’re lucky to even have an outfitter. When they are open, they’re priced right and very helpful. You’ll not find a better knowledge of all things Cadron Creek than John Svedson, owner of CCO. Be sure and check out for all things Cadron Creek from the experts! And make a reservation while you’re at it. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

The list can go on, but if I haven’t sold you yet, you can’t be sold. This river just isn’t for you.

Cadron Creek Pinnacle Gap run

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Get out and explore!

Phil and Jess
The Arkansas To Do Team

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