If you love adventure, excitement, and most importantly, this great state of Arkansas that we call home then you have come to the right place! We are Phil and Jessica. We’re native Arkansans who enjoy spending any free time we have exploring the Wonder State and all it has to offer. We love to be outside so, if we’re not on the water -Phil got Jess hooked on canoeing- you can find us in front of a TV somewhere watching the Cardinals play -St.Louis that is.. Phil’s fault again.- or finding some way to make as many memories as possible with our little family.

It seems these days we spend more time stuck in a rat race, working and trying to make a living and not near enough time having fun and making memories. Finally realizing that enjoying our “us” time to the fullest and making these memories is what makes the 9-5 worth it, we took to (what else but) the good old internet to find something to do on our off days. Some fun to get us out of our rut, to make us feel like we were enjoying living life again. The point is, we quickly realized that without extensive searching and sometimes even just lucking into finding something, you spend the majority of your free time looking for things to do instead of getting out and enjoying yourself. So, we have made it our mission to cut through all of the crap and bring you the best of the best, throughout the state. Let us do all of that lengthy searching, so you don’t have to. Our goal is to offer a wide variety of events from family friendly, to free, to adults only, so that everyone can find something they will enjoy. No worries — you can thank us later. For now, get out there and start making memories.

Get out and EXPLORE!
Y’all have at it!

Phil and Jess
The Arkansas To Do Team

We bring you the BEST Arkansas Weekly Events! Hand picked by true Arkansans! We cut through the boring so you don’t have to!